Beta Asset Patch 04: "Rural Farm"

It has been a while! Time for another content patch.

This patch focuses on the farm. Follow the signs and take your adventure out into the countryside. Build yourself a humble abode, dig a well, and raise your favorite livestock. Live the simple life! Just make sure you're armed, in case the two-headed hunter tries to claim your property as their own.


  • Tiles: Thatched Roof
  • Tiles: Square Logged Rural Tiles
  • Tiles: Wooden stairs
  • Animal: Cow (Brown) 
  • Animal: Rooster 
  • Animal: Chicken 
  • Animal: Pig 
  • Animal: Goat
  • Creature: Ettin
  • Props: Signs
  • Props: Well
  • Props: Wheat Bunch
  • Sound: Farm (Day) Ambient

This build also contains some settings for units. This will make a lot more sense once the Ruler system drops.

Hope you enjoy your stay in the countryside. 

BUILD-ID:  5342105 - Download Size: 171.5 MB