Beta Update 15: Creature Scaling

This update features creature scaling and general improvements to the Creature Controller. 

  • Added Radial Menu for Scaling Creatures.
  • Screen-shake and custom "feel" added to Large Creatures.
  • Creatures now avoid getting stuck in walls when dropping on top of other Creatures.
  • Carried Creatures now has an indicator for where it will drop.
  • Moving Creatures with the keyboard should yield correct results at higher and lower framerates.
  • ALT to Rotate Creature is now more forgiving. 
  • Creature Rotation at lower framerate no longer twitch horribly.
  • Double Clicking on a Creature now transitions to the base of that Creature.
  • Moving the camera with the right mouse button while holding a creature now works.
  • Camera rotation and zooming is now Frame independent. 
  • Mouse getting locked and spasming should be addressed when holding creatures.
  • Added some new icons in the radial menu.
  • Unique Creature is no longer held once placed from the Unique Creature List.
  • Spawning Creatures no longer puts you in Build Mode.

Have fun with larger and smaller Creatures alike!

Summary: BUILD-ID: 720620 - Download Size: 16.2 MB