Early Access Bug-fix Patch 01

Here we are with the first bug-fix patch of this new release. Here are the fixes:

  • Better errors if board data fails to pull
  • Save icon updates after sync now
  • Alphabetical sorting of the music/ambient tracks
  • Improve line ruler, so you don't see the backfaces
  • Fix sync of hide-volumes to players
  • Fix case where explicitly hidden creatures were visible after sync
  • All Audio now goes through the Master Volume Control.
  • Underwater muffle sound should be working as intended again.
  • Fix 'phantom creature' bug. Where choosing a creature asset while holding one created an un-clickable duplicate
  • Fix uniques not teleporting when placed into a board they are already in.
  • Changed fog keybinding UI so it cant be bound to mouse inputs
  • Added a way to remove fog-of-war inside a selection
  • Radial Menu should now behave better at different resolutions and properly work with UI-Scaling
  • Radial Menu text now tries to avoid overlapping with the buttons.
  • The game now handles settings files getting corrupted, remaking a new one.
  • Fixed some tutorial videos not loading
  • Added Tutorial for the Hide Plane (Green diamond)

  • We had to rebuild the tutorial assets, which made the update a bit bigger

    Thank you all for all the feedback. We'll continue squishing those bugs

    Till next patch!

    BUILD-ID: 6555595 - Download Size: 344.5 MB