Early Access Patch 12

It's time for some features and fixes! In this patch, we have:

  • Added a dialog for renaming the campaign
  • Added a setting to allow changing the username
  • Spaced out settings a little more than before
  • Added a tiny offset to static assets to reduce z-fighting
  • Fixed a bug where spawning a unique in a new board didn't remove the visual from the old board for players still in that old board
  • Fixed an exception on ui-scale changes after leaving a board
  • Ensured that changes to units now update the campaign settings panel for other GMs
  • Fixed a bug where players could paste slabs
  • Fixed an exception that occurred during shutdown when releasing light resources.

Hope this finds you well. See you in the next one!

BUILD-ID: 7035408 - Download Size: 4.7 MB

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