Group-Movement Beta Update

Heya folks,

We've just pushed a significant update to the group-movement Beta, so let's talk about the changes you will see there.

NONE! (with some caveats)

Yup! This update is all about behind-the-scenes changes, some of which we hope people will feel rather than see.

First, there is a significant improvement to both single and lasso picking when you have large numbers of creatures.

Using the m1 mac, we've tested selecting groups of creatures from an army of six hundred and are satisfied with the picking performance (for now)[0].

Next, we've worked on the backend communication to send fewer messages for group actions. This is one that you are less likely to feel directly, but it will improve the feature's stability.

Due to the backend changes, we have reset the state for the Beta, so existing boards will be gone.

Ok folks, that's all for now. More news soon!


BUILD-ID: 9872363 - Download Size: 117.4 MB

[0] Specifically picking though. Large numbers of creatures generally aren't performing that well on lower-end machines. However, we are working on this for the mac release.