Midweek Update

Here are a little pile of tweaks and fixes that are in today's update:

  • Added a little spin to dice when you pick them back up
  • Fixed the visualization of the turn based list whilst being editted.
  • We now show the name of the selected creature along with the player name in the GM UI
  • We clear the history panel when switching boards
  • Fixed a case where, if you controlled many creatures and clicked on their image in player mode it might focus the wrong creature
  • Fixed an ugly exception that would occur if you disconnected after having used the turn based mode
  • Fixed a case where the first GM joined after other non-gm players and the gm would be put in cutscene mode
  • Tweaked the number of tiles updating per frame. We still get ugliness in large, multi-floor boards but this makes it a tiny bit more playable whilst we work on the real solutions.

And that's all for this time, hopefully we'll be back at the weekend with a little more!