TaleSpire Bug Fix Patch 1

Hi everyone, thanks for checking out Chimera and reporting the bugs so thoroughly.

This patch fixes a bug affecting the loading of all boards which contained hide-volumes. It was responsible for numerous crashes and graphical glitches, so it's a good first one to get cleared up.

This patch also fixes a bug where it would try and upload creature data even if you weren't the GM. It is not too visible during play but paired with a server fix earlier today, connection stability is improved.

We also have the first tweak to improve line-of-sight. Creatures are still visible on load, which is a problem, but we will be tackling that soon.

Warmest regards from the whole team, and thanks again for bearing with these initial issues.

BUILD-ID: 6478994 - Download Size: 6.9 MB

p.s. Just something to add, in yesterday's patch we included a fix for creature names not showing on tab