TaleSpire Bug Fix Patch 10

In this patch, we did the following:

  • fix creatures not being hidden by hide plane
  • fix incorrect vertical offset of creature names
  • fix loading icon not positioned correctly
  • fix bugs that resulted in hide volumes not applying properly on load
  • fixed a memory leak in rulers
  • fixed line-of-sight error which occurred when switching boards whilst tasks were still enqueued
  • fix error when pasting slab after cancel a previous paste during vertical movement
  • Asset Library now behaves a bit better with 4k resolutions.
  • Added a close button to left and right menus
  • Added so game asks you to hit space bar to open menus, once every session.
  • Added so that the first time you enter a Campaign, the build library and the tutorial panel is open by default.

See you in the next one!

BUILD-ID: 6534989- Download Size: 501.7 MB

You guys are amazing! You just pushed an update that fixed the bug literally breaking my map that I was working on at this very moment. =) Thanks so much!