TaleSpire Bug Fix Patch 4

In light of reports on downgrading boards not working as intended,  we've temporarily removed the campaign list's downgrade button. It will come back within the next few days after these new issues have been resolved.

There are also a few UI/UX related fixes:

  • Fixed so UIExpand (Spacebar) remembers if Library was open.
  • Added 90 Degree rotation to props. (this rotates 90degrees from the current rotation)
  • Made it possible to Sample Gird height using Left-Click while holding Right-Click without picking up tiles.
  • Added a keyboard key for sampling grid as well, currently sampled to "H" and is available to rebind.
  • Added key for binding for Build light, moved it from "L" to "K" to not overlap with the flashlight.
  • Food items are no longer embedded in the prop tables.
  • Flipped chairs and tables props are now actually flipped.

Thanks for all the reported bugs! We are working hard on sorting them out.

Till next time!

BUILD-ID: 6485997 - Download Size:
9.6 MB