TaleSpire Dev Log 269

Hey everyone,

A lovely player on reddit spotted part of our EULA that concerned them. It was about how we could use section 14.2 to potentially police the community based on in-game actions (like chat).

This is clearly overly broad and needs revising. We will get that done. Also, we'd like to clarify we don't store your chat logs. The chat messages are sent via our servers but are never written to the DB or other persistent storage. The Lawyers went broad to make sure we were well covered. But we want to pull back on some of this, as it doesn't align with our intentions.

While we are on this topic, another use also worried about a EULA interpretation that would impact professional GM'ing. We are 100% in support of people using TaleSpire professionally and will look to clarify this in the EULA.

In our experience, the back and forth with the Lawyers is slower than just fixing bugs, but we will keep you posted with news as this develops.

We also want to natter about the EULA and its language in a future DevLog and potentially a DevStream.

Thanks a bunch to those who have reached out about this. It can be so easy to get lost in bugs and let other surrounding details slip by.

Have a great day!

y'all are absolutely fantastic, thanks for the updates :)