TaleSpire Dev Log 93

We've been working on changes with the tiles, especially bringing them into a uniform size. This led to the introduction of deprecated content. This is content we'll leave around for a while to not break any of the current content, but will be removed over time.

The following tilesets have received an overhaul - this includes changes to the height of the floor tiles (for easier calculations with the Fog of War system) along with additional, smaller tiles for more building variety.

   - Castle

   - Moorgoth

   - Sewers

New doors have been added.  These can be placed anywhere on the grid instead of being coupled with tiles.  New doors include:

   - Dungeon

   - Prison

   - Peasant

   - Iron Gate

   - Fancy

   - Portcullis

-Walls have been separated from floor tiles, but there are still combination tiles that include both wall and floor for quicker construction.

Bug fixes:

- [TAB] No longer shows names of creatures on hidden floors.

- Some tiles that were un-walkable previously is now walkable.