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Fundamental rewrite

  Time for another update so that we at least get three in this year. Quite a lot has happened under the surface of things. So this might potentially turn into a slightly longer post than usual. I’ll try to break it up a bit with pictures. Speaking of which: More DICE! Since we last […]

There BE fire!.. Oh! and *drumroll* a name

I realize that our blog has been primarily image heavy as of late. Or actually, more accurately from the beginning. Being a rather visual person of nature I would like to take the blame for this. So to rectify this lack of thought provoking text, here is a 1000 words: (as they say) Also, the […]

Poor man’s Dungeon Keeper

Interesting and profound conversation to be had

Multiplayer chat is working. Getting ready for weekend prototype session, ingame.

Rolling, rolling, rolling…

The goblins are COMING! Thanks a lot Jason…

On a grid with prototyping

I tend to like posting images. Here is a small preview of what we’re currently working on. Although still in prototyping phase, it’s fun to post something once in a while.

Escaping a terrible fate, the game.

We’ve been working on a new game currently temporarily named FlyingBox Game (Changes most definitely pending). Thought we’d share some work in progress shots. This is based on a prototype that we made in an evening a couple of years back.  It really caught on when people tried it out a while after we had […]

[Updated] The Digital ToyBox

[EDIT] 2016 I’ve removed the link to the game as new versions of Unity WebPlayer has broken the physics as it was intended 😛 Hopefully we’ll have the time to rebuild the game at some point. [EDIT] We placed 1st! : D Video link also added to image Another year is about to pass and […]

Gobbler: A Mini-Game of Epic Portions

We recently joined this contest over at GameJolt.  The challenge was to create a game based on the topic of Fear.  The scariest part about it was that they gave you ONE WEEK to create and complete it! PLAY GOBBLER It was a great exercise in design.  We’re probably going to take the game to the […]