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Fundamental rewrite


Time for another update so that we at least get three in this year. Quite a lot has happened under the surface of things. So this might potentially turn into a slightly longer post than usual. I’ll try to break it up a bit with pictures. Speaking of which: More DICE!

Since we last spoke through this website, a few things have happened. Jason has been working on a lot of character assets. Creating new heroes and NPCs alike, while I’ve been primarily working on the asset loading system which was to make it easier to load in new assets to use ingame. The solution was to split asset creation into a separate project we’ve ended up calling Taleweaver. A name I’ve been itching to use for a while and it feels fitting for our Creation tool. The other benefit of spending some time on this is modding support. This is a project that can be released as a way for people to mod the game though Unity.


We’ve also added a new TileSet which is the Tavern set. With this system above, it’s tons easier adding new content. A couple of shots.


Not that long after all. Oh well.

Finally, we added NEWSLETTER Signup to TaleSpire.com

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