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There BE fire!.. Oh! and *drumroll* a name

I realize that our blog has been primarily image heavy as of late. Or actually, more accurately from the beginning. Being a rather visual person of nature I would like to take the blame for this.
So to rectify this lack of thought provoking text, here is a 1000 words: (as they say)


Also, the project has a name! From this day forth (or actually, since the beginning of last week) it shall be known as TaleSpire : A tale-weaving, minion-thudding, trench-digging, tile-stacking, Digital Board Game The part after the colon is optional in pronunciation. We’ll be creating a website dedicated to it where we’ll put some more information about what we’re fiddling with and what we’ll be fiddling with for months to come.

Have a good one!

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