Beta Asset Patch 03: "Summoning of the Harbor Beast"

Time for another Asset Patch. This one is a bit of an eclectic collection we've decided to call "Summoning of the Harbor beast." We ended up merging two separate packs into one, mainly because many of the harbor assets were already created. There is no water in this update (terrain system is being prototyped at the moment), but we've added a way to tint the board surface blue. 

Art Content:

  • Creature: Boar
  • Creature: Ghoul
  • Creature: Giant Sea Creature
  • Creature: Tentacle
  • Habor Set:  fishing net, docks, etc.
  • Harbor props: fishing rod, staked fish, giant clam, and more.
  • Large metal/wooden spike floors
  • Bear Trap, Mine/plate, Stationary Crossbow
  • Bone piles.
  • Rope Ladder, Wooden Ladder

Other Changes/Fixes:

  • Added ability to switch Board Surface Color in the Board/Campaign Settings.
  • Clicking on portraits in the initiative list now focuses the creature. 
  • Add UI to let player end their own turn. 
  • Allow the player to clear dice when not their turn. 
  • Added summon players to board

Thank you all for making asset suggestions as well. We've tried to incorporate some of the requests in this update. 

Have fun!

Till next time.

BUILD-ID: 5206248 - Download Size: 692.6MB

Very nice! Updating now.
Big hype! I love it!