Beta Update 27: Below the surface of water

This week we've added the water plane. This is under heavy development and will require some iterations to get right. It does provide something to play with though.

NOTE: This upgrade does make changes to the board format, which means it will only work with this version and later. So to make things go smoothly, please make sure all players are on the latest version.


  • Added Exposure to the Atmosphere Settings
  • Added the first iteration on the Water Plane
  • Added ability to set North on the Compass
  • Added the ability to move the Compass around


  • Flying creatures inside of Hide Volumes should hide their Flying Base now.
  • Removed Warning on Clipping

Known issue:

  • Line of sight currently doesn't work when crossing the water plane.
  • Compass screen location doesn't save yet.

Hope you all enjoy your time in the depths below!

PS: The Biome art assets will be coming tomorrow (Sunday)

BUILD-ID: 5732327 - Download Size: 11.7 MB