Coffee, post-it-notes and scribbles (Day 1)

Ree and I have been having the first dev planning session today for the road from here to Beta.

We've been going through the roadmap and making sure we know that, between us, we had an understanding of the next steps for every feature. This doesn't mean that each is fully designed, in many cases features need prototyping, however, there needs to be an idea of what will give us the data we need to make the right call.

It's going fantastically though, we are way ahead of where we expected which speaks to the huge value the alpha and community have been. One big weight on my mind has been fog of war, and we've made another iteration on the concept that should work well. No technical details today but the dev logs will contain that info as it lands.

We have tomorrow set aside too after which we will head off, get building and convene again in a few weeks to review what we have missed and where reality is getting in the way of our plans.

In other news, lots of backers with pledge issues have been fixing them so the amount lost there is already significantly less. Thank you to everyone who has done that. We'll be back with rough numbers when the final ones are available.

Until next time :)