Desert Village Expansion Set

Find shelter and good trade in the humble, yet, marvelous Desert Village. This is one of the largest tilesets we've released with over 60 new pieces, some animal miniatures, and a couple of music tracks to boot.

Tiles and Props

  • Desert Village Walls
  • Desert Village Floors
  • Desert Village Roof Borders
  • Desert Village Decorated Floors
  • Desert Village Arches
  • Desert Village Domes 
  • Desert Pottery


  • Camel
  • Giant Scorpion
  • Cat


  • Market Combat
  • Wizard Smoke

We're all looking forward to the things you create and the stories you'll weave with this new set!

Till next time!

BUILD-ID: 5962840 Download Size: 583.7 MB

😮..... there's new music....!?  That could pull me out of hibernation.  God, this looks like one of the coolest sets yet!  Fantastic work folks, we're blessed to have such creative and dedicated devs!
Fantastic update! Happy to have the kitty and the new music is great. Wizard Smoke has a very Journey of the Sorcerer vibe and I'm into it. The floor tiles too are some of my favorite in the game so far.

I'd love to have some equivalent tiles (the crenellated roof bits, rounded roofs and half high walls) for some of the older tilesets (Morgoth etc). I like that newer tilesets, because of more variability in the height and presentation of features make more diverse builds possible.
Downloading now! Thank you for the early Xmas present. Looking forward to checking it all out. I also second the comment made by JakeEkissheihim and would like to see some added assets to older sets, too. It's great getting new content and reading about the behind the scenes development in the code, etc. This is such a great project and I'm so happy I was able to back it!
So cool--excited to use this!