Dev Update - Lighting the way

Heya folks, 

It feels like a good time for a little update so let's get cracking!

First off Ree has been making great progress on a bunch of systems but especially those around lighting. Here is a little gif where you can see some experiments in controlling the new day/night cycle.

Those in the alpha will be happy to know that this fixes the long-standing lighting issues we have had that we kept saying we would fix 'soon' :p. You will also notice that the last two images in this post are not yet on this build of the engine and so aren't yet benefiting from these changes.

Next, the work on the camera controller has continued. Exploring how to best navigate around in our new system has been an interesting and iterative process and in this next gif, you can see the introduction of tilt control which is something people have asked for for a long time. It will offer a limited range of motion but it should be there. We still need to nail a version of vertical navigation that feels just right, but that too is on the way.

I've been continuing my work on the data side of the game. Undo/redo has solidified and so I took a couple of days to write tests and fix the bugs they exposed. My next tasks are all still around this theme. I'm looking at compact means of expressing selections of tiles at points in the history, the code that guarantees the order of applied changes for all connected players, and lastly on tile and prop loading.

On the asset side, progress is very good too. I'd like to show off a couple of really cool creatures entering the fray.

First off a mighty frost giant...

...and next this glorious monk

I hope this little update finds you all well, and we look forward to giving you more news as it happens.