Early Access Content Pack 2: Sanctum of the Blood Queen

Sanctum of the Blood Queen

The second Early-Access content pack. Featuring a bedroom set fit for a diabolical queen as she surveys her realm from atop her balcony.

Also, watch out for her minions, the cunning Jester and the Haunted Armor, as they're surely up to no good!

Here is a list of added content, changes, and bug fixes.


  • The Blood Queen (Vampire Countess)
  • The Jester 
  • Haunted Armor


  • Canopy Bed
  • Dresser
  • Vanity
  • Chair
  • Fireplace
  • Mirrors
  • Paintings
  • Fancy Pillows 

Other Asset Changes:

  • Leaf Bed
  • Palisade corner tweaked.
  • Moorgoth carpet corner tile variants.

Changes / Bug Fixes

  • Added UI buttons for Copy/Cut/Paste
  • Increased the tap time threshold from 0.2 seconds to 1.0 seconds on Copy/Cut/Paste/Undo/Redo keybinding.
  • Flying Indicator now respects props

We're working on fixes for the Copy/Paste keyboard problem, which is turning out to be quite elusive. The added UI will make it accessible for everyone until we can find a proper fix for the key bindings.

Have fun! And see you for our next patch!

BUILD-ID:  6666861 - Download Size: 82.2 MB

I've noticed many assets now are able to be turned and placed at an angle - will this feature be added to the older assets (walls etc) as they will not rotate but 90 degrees
They've split them into Tiles and Props. Walls/floors are tiles and at least currently aren't planned to have more rotation. Props are the assets that are able to be adjusted more freely.