Early Access Patch 16

Hi folks, this patch has a bunch of small bug fixes. Let's see what we have here:

  • We've fixed a bug where the link tool wasn't working correctly with unique creatures
  • We remove a limitation that meant creature names had to be at least two characters long
  • talespire://published-board URLs now work in the board between boards
  • Fixed a bug where reselecting campaigns in the main menu didn't populate the info correctly
  • Squished a bug where using the paste UI button while holding a slab left an unselectable slab preview on the board that wouldn't go aware without a restart
  • Fixed a case where leaving build mode could result in the water plane being erroneously hidden
  • Fixed a crash on exit bug due to out-of-bounds write when there were hundreds of creatures in a small space
  • Corrected a mistake in the creature deserialize code for emotes

All of the above were bugs reported by the community. Thanks a million for helping us track these issues down.

BUILD-ID: 7210319 - Download Size: 2.2 MB