Early Access Patch 6

It is that time once again.

This patch brings the following:

  • A fix so that creature names no longer show when should be hidden
  • Improved performance of creature name layout
  • Increased max number of non-unique creatures per board. The max is now 600.
  • If someone tries to paste a published-board URI rather than using the standard mechanisms, then accept it and present the standard UI
  • A tooltip to explain that only campaign owners can publish boards from the campaign.
  • The ability to place gm-blocks on top of props
  • Fix some creature state not being cleared correctly on delete
  • A fix case that handles cases where self-illuminated creatures, such as ghosts, did not enable their lights on load.
  • A fix for cases where hide volumes did not update torch and light state.

We are now back off to the Spire to hammer out more fixes.

Fare thee well!

BUILD-ID:  6652279 - Download Size: 2.8 MB