Early Access Release Pack 05: Company of the Bounding Boulder

Hail and harken, good folk of the land - it's time for another Early Access Release Pack!

This one is a bit unique.  We recently ran an adventure on BlueBoxRPG’s St. Jude Charity Live Stream for some good ol’ fashion TTRPG fun while supporting a good cause - and of course, we used TaleSpire!  

This Pack contains the minis, known as the Company of the Bounding Boulder,  that starred in the adventure.

  • Jonny Ree (BR) as Hubert Rocksocks (Dark Gnome Caster)
  • Jason Roy (BR) as Lok Rocksocks (Dark Gnome Warrior)
  • Demongund as Rahmris (Half-Demon Caster)
  • Istallri as Sand of the FordRiver (Human Warrior)
  • MadWizard as Baubard "Bobby" Fibbletor (Dwarf Warrior)
  • BlueBoxRPG as The Blue Wizard (Human Caster)
  • Plus, an added bonus - the most dreaded beast of the land - a Bunny Rabbit.


  • Replaced reflection probe rendering with custom solution improving performance
  • Creatures with no name get asset name instead
  • Validate hash of sector files and non-unique creature data
  • Double right-click (move camera) is now pixel-perfect


  • Added 4 new stat slots adding up to 8 total.

Until the next pack - have fun!

BUILD-ID:  7074049- Download Size: 46.8MB

New minis, very nice.
I love how active these devs are, very encouraging