End of week update

Update time!

On the business side, things are looking good. @Ree has been off talking to accountants and such, working out details and so that has been exciting for us. Even though I've probably said this a dozen times already, getting a shot to be independent from the start is still mind-blowing.

I thought you folks would be interested in the timeline for reward delivery so let's talk a little about that.

Naturally, the keys will be delivered when the beta starts which, if all goes to plan, is in February. Two months after then will be the start of the Early Access which is when we aim to deliver the Kickstarter Exclusive hero minis, dice, and background packs. We are still planning things for the soundtrack to I'll come back to the timeline for that in another update.

For those of you who so generously backed at the 'help design an X mini' levels, we will start reaching out to you folks in a couple of weeks. Don't fret if you don't have a fully fleshed out idea by then, we have plenty of time to work out the details and your mini will make its debut during the Early Access.

Stretch goals will naturally start during early access. We will make more posts about those closer to the time.

More great news came today when we checked out the numbers of failed pledges. As mentioned before the average is for 5% of pledges to a campaign to fail, but our final count was 2.7% (or ~$10,000usd) which is fantastic. Thanks to all those who wrestled with their banks or reached out to us to work out the issues. Each little win like this means a few more resources we can put into making sure this project succeeds.

To those just realizing that their pledge failed, I'm sorry. The 8 months will go fast though and we'll get this ready for you come the Early Access.

To those in the alpha, keep your eyes on the dev logs as we hope to have an update for you very soon.

Here are a couple of dev logs from this week for the curious and we will be back with more very soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!