Feature Request Summary 2020-07-01

Hi! This document is feedback to the community based on the posts made in the #feature-requests channel of our Discord server since the Kickstarter.

This is a loosely organized collection of answers to summaries of your questions.

It is the result of the following:

  • We exported the whole #feature-requests channel
  • I went through copying out the requests, curating as I went
  • We had a two-day planning session where we went through all of these making notes
  • I've then taken the result of that and tried to roughly categorize them, curating again as I went

The curation means that the requests the team got to see, and the summary you see here is not what was initially submitted. Any omissions are likely my fault. Please do not read into whether something is or isn't included here. If our wording is confusing or suggestive please just reach out to us, we are happy to clarify things :)

Naturally, there were:

  • Duplicates
  • Things that confused us and that we will be talking to community members about
  • Things already covered elsewhere

So don't expect to see much of those here.

Also, most features in the game are partial implementations of the vision we have for the project. So in some cases, we are opting to see that vision through before trying out suggestions to fix symptoms of the current implementation.

The great news is that almost none of the features requested were a surprise or outside of our internal wishlist. This is great as it's a good sign the community is on board with what we are trying to make TaleSpire into.

Thank you all so much for contributing.

Warm regards,

The Bouncyrock team


Agree we need something to handle these cases

Be able to move Atmosphere Blocks

We'll look into this.

Copy/paste of atmosphere presents

Yeah, let's do it

Rotate the light dials 90° counterclockwise. Currently, if you want to have the sun at the highest point, the dial points at 3 o'clock. In my opinion a more intuitive way would be if the zenith would be on top of the dial.

Will do this

Atmosphere effects that are suitable for dungeons (difficult right now due to sun/moonlight)

Will do this

"Darkness" preset also makes light sources darker (muted brightness of torches, lamps, flames). It's a bit weird/unnatural. Maybe I'll get used to it. But for now, I prefer dialing in the darkest "Default" preset over using "Darkness."

Not sure of how we'll handle this but we will look into it

The circle/sliders for light position and shadows are real touchy

Agreed, we'll look into this.

Option to turn on/off looping of a track


Make it clearer in UI that atmosphere preview is local only


Will change but not in the way suggested

Changeable skybox

There is no skybox texture, so that won't be configurable. The rest is controlled by the atmosphere already, and we will make more presets.

Name Atmosphere Blocks

You can stack a marker-block with an atmosphere block to allow naming.

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

Weather effects

Probably not before early access. Maybe basic particle effects just to start. Wind might go in sooner if elements that need it land before Early Access. Regarding things like lightning storms: The weather system will probably handle ambient lighting (sheet lighting), but a strike that reaches the ground is a potentially story-affecting event, so it will be handled by the gm's visual-effects system instead.


We are treating these as low priorities. There is a lot to work out regarding behavior to make something that behaves in an unsurprising way. We might end just looking into cloud shadows.

Underwater post-process

Maybe :P

Playlist feature for the music

Agree it would be great, but music players are a deceptive amount of work. We'll have to come back to this after the launch of the Early Access.

Not expected but will review again in future when current plans are in

Multiple localized atmospheres (global, indoor, outdoor, per creature)

Same goes for volume-based atmospheric effects

A collection of light shaft/spot props to simulate sun shining through supposed breaks in the dungeon ceiling.

Don't think this one is gonna happen but will re-examine in the future. Trivia: We had this in original pre-TS prototype TileDungeon

Multiple sun lights

Nope (too easy to hurt performance)

Automatic day/night cycle. Controls for atmosphere sun position should have time indicators on them.

For this to work in a general way, you need a model for time, the shape of the planet (including flat), movement of the sun in relation to it, location on the world, etc. Having something that animates the atmosphere dials looks neat, but it is shallow and breaks down in trivial cases during play.


Agree we need something to handle these cases

[A bunch of requests which, in our opinion boil down to shortcomings in the current building, camera tools, and our communication of how things are meant to work]

We are planning a big refactor of build mode and improvements across the board to controls. So it's hard to give exact details on whether the suggestions would work. We'll get in custom keybindings, and the refactors so we can assess this again.

Toggling hide-volume visibility should close the radial menu

Yeah, let's do that.

Adjust selection bounds position after place


Make sure the slab placement tool respects building plane locking

Sure. Might already be fixed, well get to this when improving the slab tool

Improved visibility of selection box handles.


Double door variants for all door kinds


Add tile rotation with keys "Z" and "C" for every tileset

We will be revisiting this feature for sure.

Move the little Z-C menu for scrolling through tiles. It's often in the way.

Yup, we'll move this.

Allow holding some modifier key locks your cursor to move in straight lines. Would help a lot when lining things up over long distances (like copied slabs)

Sensible, we can look into this.


This is a tool to handle moving ships/blimps/moving castles/etc. We will let you take a selection of tiles and group them into their own unit, which can be freely positioned and (possibly) freely rotated in the Y axis[0].

The limitations we know so far are:

  • some systems will not work across the boundaries of sub-boards and the main board (think pathfinding).
  • there will be a size limit. Definitely less than 10 zones (zone = 16x16x16) in size, maybe half that.

We can't promise this for Early Access as its implications are pretty major, and there are still a lot of unknowns. We will keep you posted, though.

[0] If we don't allow free rotation, it will still be enough steps to be useful.

Replace single tile with the tile in players ‘hand’

Makes sense. We'll look into it. Some open technical details remain though. It would be good for adding windows into walls.

Paste-as-replace (delete tiles and paste new ones)

Yup, we want this too. Lots of behavioral things to work out relating to what is deleted, how to visualize it, etc

Smooth slopes

It's quite likely that we will continue adding ramp tiles in certain sets. Regarding slopes in terrain, we will see how that feature grows. No details yet.

A clipboard with the last N number of things we have copied.

We agree that this could be useful. Realistically I'm not sure we will fit this in before Early Access.

Keys to lower and raise the building grid by 1 increment

Might not have a keybinding by default, but we'll make it possible to configure.

Tile density indicator

We will make a tool to show density.

Larger/longer hatches

Yeah, we've seen the issues with hatches over stairs. We'll look into this (probably better reported over at the Asset Requests on Github)

Will change but not in the way suggested

Slab panel

We need to look into how much sense this makes once we can store slabs in inventories.

Have access to community sites like TalesBazaar inside the app in some fashion.

Agreed, would be good. Wouldn’t be hard-coded though. We’d publish some api we expect to find and then sites that support it could be added by the user. No promises of timeline though (as with most of this)

Loosen placement limits are painful to people

The new prop system is coming. Quite likely that stacking props directly on top of each other won't be supported, however.

Remove the clip tool warning

Nope, but we will replace it with a warning regarding performance if used heavily. We will also probably add an option to not warn about clipping again.

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

A custom palette of assets to use while building.

We will keep this in mind when revamping build tools.

Larger curve wall sections

We think we might be able to have them if we don't have versions with floors. So yeah, time to try these again :)

Pasting with overlap (slab-clipping): In response to slab bounds being a cuboid and so outlier tiles stop desired placement

Totally feel the pain. We will look into this. Maybe we can find a fast way to generate more granular bounds (which would be a better general solution regardless of whether slab-clipping is added)

The ability to move or rotate a tile without picking it up and dropping it again.

Yeah, this is interesting, and could turn out to be easy. But it needs looking into.

The ability to create a volume selection and then interact with the tiles in that volume like you would a tile. e.g. Shift + left click to pick up the volume to move, Shift + right-click to delete, etc. Currently, you can create a volume and copy/delete/paste to get similar behavior, but its a little slow/clunky to do that, and I find myself wanting to do it fairly often.

This is super interesting, actually. Let's work building controls first and then revisit this

Fill-tool (Paint Can Tool). Use as a way to replace tiles. Handy if you used the wrong tile

Not happening any time soon. Needs good tooling to show what would happen

Signs that can be edited similar to NPC names to label shops and buildings

It would be nice. We'll look into this.

Dragging out rooms

As an experiment, We will try associating corners with a single wall (or wall/floor) piece and modify the drag-spawn tool to spawn 4 corners and walls. Walls could also be identified, so the drag-spawn tool will spawn walls in a passage-way configuration.

Tile baking: A way to group tiles and have them behave as a single unit. (separate from sub-boards)

We need to discuss this internally. Can't imagine having answers until sub-boards are in, and we can see how handles the cases it was designed for.

Grouping tiles as a means of them hiding together (an example was for a roof)

That is very interesting as it gives another reason for baking to exist

Toggle whether an object is LoS Blocking?

This control won't be available in TS, but will probably be an option when creating tiles within TaleWeaver It might be that this is only available on props. Lots to look into here.

Tileset(s) that looks like a world-map/overworld-map

Definitely won't be there for the start of EA. We are still working out the details.

Blueprint tool: Allows you to drag out the layout of rooms, and then, once you finish the plan, you can fill in with the actual tiles you want to use.

It's a cool idea, and one we considered fairly early on. So yeah, we like it. However, it's a lot of work, so we don't want to commit to this until we have tried simpler things. One great thing about this is that it's tooling and doesn't change how tiles work (or require more data baked into tiles)

Something to help us keep track of where on a board various assets are located? Often when making maps, I copy & paste different pieces of what will be the eventual whole, and then I'll leave one slab so far away that I can't see or find it anymore. I think this could also help with more evenly spacing assets.

Tricky. Bookmarks work but are very manual. We'll have to come back to this. Don't expect any news on this in the short term.

Prop scaling [for giants]

Solid idea, probably not for the start of EA.

Localized building permissions for players

Not for EA

A "blur" or "fog" box. I often build a small section of an area, say a building, and the street out the front and leave it at that. The ability to place a box at the edges of my zone that applies some sort of visual indication (either making the tiles fade out or blur as they get further into the box or fog that makes it impossible to see further) that the street keeps going, but this is where the interesting bit of the map ends...

Super interesting. A great problem we will think about

Not expected but will review again in future when current plans are in

An internal street corner e.g. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/533135818567581697/707000957501702164/TaleSpire_5_4_2020_3_44_20_PM.jpg

Probably won't come from us, it's very granular and we are only making toys.

Painting things in a procedural way (like trees). Or a spray-can style placement tool

We need to see what the terrain system will be first.

Being able to drag and build tiles vertically, not just horizontally

Not yet anyway

Find/replace within a selected volume

Probably not. It's more feasible than fill but has a lot of similar considerations. We could only allow tiles of the same or lesser size, but then where they are positioned is still up for debate. It would be good for adding windows into walls, though.

Animated water (ripples/waves)

Not looking at this until current water plans are stable. This is one that can get pretty in-depth.

Make sure doors never clip through walls

No way to do this in the general case (afaik), so no for now.

Multiple item selection (like shift-click works for files)

Not for now at least

Elevation markers on the slide bar. What I mean is not exact measurements.... like 10m 20m 30m.... but at least add "hash markers" so we know what level our camera/grid/site markers are at. [look at this one in discord. there is more text and a discussion]

Not sure it will take this form, but we'll look at it once the current plans are in

Designate a piece, object, etc. as 'Illusion,' which requires a GM-request to be able to interact with it.

Not solving enough issues to be a priority yet, but worth a re-examine once other systems are in

Already handled

Support for tiles that can't be moved onto but through would be helpful for scenarios such as a gap in a floor that has to be jumped over.

This is now covered with teleport (this suggestion is based on the old movement system)

Won't be added to TaleSpire

Saved selections. As in, you click the link, and it selects the tiles.


Layers (photoshop style)

This doesn't fit for us

[Various requests from folks wanting very precise control over position etc.]

Most of these are in a direction that is not the kind of building we are going for. The prop system will offer some more control (with its own limitations); however, we don't think that will sate the desire for many. I think at that point, TaleSpire stops being the best choice for those kinds of builds.

Nudge all tiles with a selection volume in a given direction by 1 step


Secret doors etc

We still want to do this via other systems rather than have dedicated pieces.

Tile scaling


Grid-free or finer-grid building in general

Nope. Initially, for data reasons, but we also tested a 1/2 unit grid, and the main thing it achieved was mandating the need for 1/4 size pieces. The issues were the same scaled-down. It also felt worse (which I understand is tricky to convey in text, but it's just not the feeling/resolution we intend for TaleSpire).

Move and rotate gizmos


Diagonal walls

We are gonna leave this to modders for now. Very interested to see what your folks create.

Terrain and Water

Agree we need something to handle these cases


Coming with the terrain system.

A way to 'paint' a road

Looking into this

Set water color


Will change but not in the way suggested

Raise and lower areas by painting on the foam

This doesn't exactly map to what we are looking at. But we naturally want height changes to be simple

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

Mud or autumn leaves that creature slightly sink into.

Not for now

Can we have bushes that do not block movement but block sight? Also, grass, plants, and small bushes that do not block movement?

Not sure yet. really depends on the implementation of systems like terrain

Campaign and Boards

Agree we need something to handle these cases


These are coming. We already have GM-Markers. We are thinking that naming one of these makes it a bookmark. We will have a panel with ways to search them and get overviews within and across boards.


These will be a kind of on-board visual thing that lets you jump to bookmarks.

Summoning players

This is in TaleSpire in its first form. Currently, you can only target everyone. We need to add UI so GMs can refuse the teleport, and it would be cool to extend this to work with parties.

Make whether creatures snap to grid a campaign setting

This is WIP. Just need to fix the bugs before it can be exposed as a campaign setting

Animated board name display on joining a board

Not critical by any means, but it would be cool.

Board copy


Campaign copy


Add UI for reverting boards to older versions


Board export

Definitely want it, but we want board copy/sharing first. Don't expect this for the start of early access.

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

Designated spawn points on boards, so when players join, by default they arrive there

Need to work out what the behavior would be

Grouping boards (board folders?)

Maybe, we'll look into this

Not expected but will review again in future when current plans are in

Turn camera toward bookmark [call it focus maybe]

What does this solve, what is the use case?


Agree we need something to handle these cases

Text chat

We do need this. We will try and make something simple be can build on.

Chat bubbles

Would be neat

With text chat be able to specify a language and show gibberish if the creature in question doesn't speak the language.

Sounds great

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

Voice filters

One day. would be sick to have attached to creatures, so it was ready to go at a click

Voice channels (including private ones)

Not for now

Webcam support

Not yet


Agree we need something to handle these cases

Tinting creatures

Yes. We still have a lot to do here. We can finalize the shader, but then all creatures need to be updated. When we choose to finalize, this also impacts work for the art team, and when work needs to be done on TaleWeaver.

A way to delete unique creatures

Yup we need that

Flying creatures

Definitely coming. The hard part of doing this right is the camera-related code, though. In the short term, we can get basic support in and just accept it's going to take a while before the version we are happy with ships.

Creature group select & move

Trying to move groups intelligently can be tricky. We are going to allow you to group several creatures onto a single base and then move them as a single piece. This should be easier given that the movement controller already supports large creatures.


Coming soon for all your Druid needs :) We will support a single creature having multiple representations and add a way to toggle between them.

Raise the creature-count limit

Sure. It will be a little while before this is done as I'm nervous around the server-side and need to do some research first.

Props (and tiles?) as a creature


Creatures in copy/paste


Creature blueprints

Yes, we want them. It will be possible to set up a creature and then use them as a 'blueprint' to spawn more with the same setup

Will change but not in the way suggested

Track de/buffs or timers on a creature

In the near term, we will use status emotes to handle this. It won't work for all cases, of course. Not sure what we will do long term. Best to get this in and see how it's used and where the real weak points are.

Auto number models as they are put down, instead of having to manually name them as 1, 2, 3, etc

While we agree it's hard to keep track of creatures we think having to store that info in the name is an ugly way to have to handle it.

We will start addressing this in turn-based mode, where we are going to show the turn order on the creatures. Let's see how that works and if/how it could be applied elsewhere.

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

Use a microphone to detect speaking and wobble your creature as you speak.

So cute, but not yet.

HP: Add grid that pops up with numbers 1-9 and a 10. That way if someone does 25hp damage you just click 10 twice and the 5 [they are aware of the 'typing it in' feature]

We will review the usability of the stat's UI. But in our opinion, it's feeling ok, so this is lower priority (and we doubt we'd go this route)

A sticky camera that always auto-follows behind the miniature, turning to face the same direction the miniature faces.

We'll see, could make sense for some form of 'posses mode' (not first person)

Creature batch rename

Not for now

Not expected but will review again in future when current plans are in

Scale animations [time and size] for large creatures


Won't be added to TaleSpire

Making it so the ambient effects can be tied to certain characters (for example making it, so you set the isolated red filter on only the player that is down and do death saving rolls)

Nope. See emotes for the closest feature that will be supported.

Over the shoulder cam for creatures


Swap out things that mini is holding during play


Cutscene Mode

Agree we need something to handle these cases

More visual effects for cinematic mode

Sure. The changes will be delivered by other, complementary systems though: More post proc effects will come to the atmosphere system, and effects system will be available too.

Turn off LOS during cutscenes or perhaps LOS could be based on a specific person

We agreed. Cutscenes and visibility don't play nice yet. For early access, we will just make the cutscene mode show everything and leave it to gms to compose shots without spoilers. After that, we can dig more into this.

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

Playback of voice lines so can be used for big monologues etc

We like the intent behind this.

Cinematic unveiling of creatures

Making cutscene mode better mitigates this. But yeah, nice.

FPS style flying camera to setup cutscene views

Might use photo-mode style cam in cutscene mode

Not expected but will review again in future when current plans are in

Having cutscene mode allow scripted sequences that can be triggered

For the initial Early-Access release, the cinematic mode will be rather simple — basically, the current system with fixes and tweaks.

Per-party cutscene [user wanted a way to give individual players dreams. Private file sharing and chat will help here]

Not for now.

Won't be added to TaleSpire

Picture-in-picture for cutscene mode


Full action replay



Agree we need something to handle these cases

Dice Modding

Yup, this is in the plan

A way to request dice rolls


Secret rolls for players

We will make this part of roll requests.

Local setting for auto-despawning dice. Some folks don't like clearing them up.

Will look into this

Some way to deal with dice that are miles away and you can't see them anymore

We'll look into this. Quite possible that auto-despawn is the answer here too

A way for players to clear all their dice


Named dice rolls in inventory

We agree that naming makes sense for usability. Not sure when or how this will take shape yet

Will change but not in the way suggested

The ability to move the roll-total display to another place on the screen via drag and drop.

We want the dice result to stay prominent. But there is room for better UI for messages.

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

Some sort of ability to save dice and delete/move them individually. There are systems out there where rolled dice are a resource you use up later.

Dice as a resource is very cool, and we don't support it at all yet. We'll get to this eventually.

Dice modifiers/ways to add numbers to dice rolls. (3d4 +3)

Will look into it later (post-EA release)

Dice roll hero mode (slow-mo, etc.)

It would be fun for streams. Not important but a lot of fun. Need to make something that looks ok enough of the time (physics + camera control = fun)

Roll dice in the main menu :)

It would be cute but not now as it's not as easy as we'd like.

Putting dice back from the hand into the tray. My players have frequently grabbed their dice into the hand before remembering they need more or less dice.

Interesting. We'll look into this.

Toggle on/off public display for rolls. Sometimes, when my character is doing nothing, I just want to use our amazingly constructed dice tower, but other players, for some reason, are not very happy to see how I roll 10d20 each second.

No, but people fiddling with things in-game is pretty cool. We don't want to ban that. There is something to having more ambient interactions on the board. We'll look into this

Not expected but will review again in future when current plans are in

An easier way to clear parts of a dice roll (rather than repeatedly right-clicking)

Will look at post UI improvements

A way to roll multiple dice without clicking each to add (8d6) with 3 keystrokes instead of 8

Will look at post UI improvements

Won't be added to TaleSpire

Diceless rolling (just having a random number generator)

Best to use dice in real life at that point

GM Tools

Agree we need something to handle these cases

Custom-color for each GM torch


A way to rename GM blocks


Saving the height into marker blocks

In the works

Persistent rulers / AOE markers

We are going to look into being able to take a ruler and use it to spawn a persistent marker of some kind that can be used to represent longer-term AoE etc.

Be able to toggle mini's names on/off without having to open GM overlay

Sure. will probably do something here

Move GM blocks

Will look into this

Undo/redo doesn't work with hide-volumes

Agreed, it would be better if these edits were included in history. We will look into this, but it's non-trivial due to how board history works. Probably won't be there for the start of Early Access. But it will come.

Include hide volumes when copy/cut & pasting

Makes sense

Will change but not in the way suggested

Hide/unhide groups of creatures

We want to look into filters for what hide-volumes effect.

GM list of current GM objects and ability to name zones/rooms to organize objects/creatures by. Also, include snap-view to location/object.

By attaching a marker to a GM block, you can get this via bookmarks.

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

Hiding larger area (the example was a whole city)

Can look at bigger hide volumes. The current size limit was to control CPU time

Hide volumes should only hide tiles that are fully enclosed (That would make dragging out the interior of a room and hiding the stuff inside without removing any of the walls much easier)

Could do. Would need to work out what to do with existing hide volumes. Let's test this and see how it feels.

The color/texture overlay on hidden sections is rather harsh and eye-watering. Something a little more subtle would be divine.

We'll look into this. (Note we also need good accessibility support)

Force reveal a mini, even though players do not have line of sight (and be able to revert it - like a "show" mini)

Can see the desire. Will think about it.

Ability to move hide volumes after drawing them

Makes sense but is low priority right now

The ability to set Hide Volumes to a hotkey [maybe be able to add the trigger to an inventory]

Interesting idea. we'll think about it some more

The ability to be able to link multiple hide-volumes together

Not for now

Named hide volumes

Makes some sense but not sure how it should be visualized yet. Sounds like it could be visually noisy

Not expected but will review again in future when current plans are in

Hide volumes should cut partially intersected tiles

Not for now

Won't be added to TaleSpire

Right-clicking and set asset for a visibility dropdown


Option to "attach" a hide-volume to a tile

Nope, will look into alternatives in time though


Agree we need something to handle these cases

Please clarify if parties are made of players or creatures?

Parties should be made of (unique) creatures

Party line-of-sight

Yup, that's the way forward


Agree we need something to handle these cases

[Lots of requests which boil down to "camera & visibility controls need work"]

Agreed! We will keep cranking on this.

Visual effects. e.g. Smoke source

Should have this before early access. We will be providing a panel of one-shot effects the GM can place whenever they like


Yeah, we need it.

Player-presence/GM-presence (pings, flashlights, markers, laser pen)

We thought about giving GM flashlights to everyone; however, it would let them reveal things in the dark that maybe they shouldn't be seeing. We're going to try adding a 'ping' first and see how it goes.

Ways to stop players just exploring the whole map

Agreed. Let's do it based on party creatures, though. e.g. members of the party can only move within X distance of the creatures in the party.

There any plans for diagonal movement or disabling the shift requirement for moving a mini around with the arrow keys only?

Looking into it. not sure about diagonals

Ability to lay mini's flat when they are knocked prone or unconscious.


  • Streamer mode. Must be able to see everything the players see but without all the GM UI etc
  • Add a drone camera mode as an alternative to the third-person view on the marker

We will be adding a spectator mode. It's not designed yet.

GM notes


Turn on/off fire, lamps, etc

Yup, we still want to do this.

Move players to board


Spell animations



This is coming. This is the current plan.

A trigger is a region of space (not a tile) which should have 3 states disabled/detect/trap:

  • Disabled: nothing happens when a creature enters it
  • Detect: The trigger becomes visible to all gms
  • Trap: The trigger becomes visible, locks the creature in place and send the GM/s a request asking to unlock the creature

The cutbox should cut more props. Some decorated buildings are unplayable using cut as there is stuff floating everywhere.

We'll look into this.

I noticed that if I hold the QD buttons or the EA buttons simultaneously, it does a really excellent pivot around my focal point, could this rotation view be a single button?

Hehe sounds like a feature for photo mode

Campaign settings: Disable 'N' key's action

Key bindings

Interactable levers



KO status will be in soon. splatter is decal-like, so maybe, but not for now

Let interactive assets take priority over static assets, so clipped combinations like these will allow us to open the doors more easily. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/533135818567581697/707611854033125456/Interactive.jpg

Well look at it

[Various requests based around the behavior of cut-plane/green diamond]

Thanks for these. We have plans to improve this, so we'll get those in and review them with you all again.

Will change but not in the way suggested

Please rework the LoS of minis. Instead of making monsters invisible, use some kind of gray shader: even if the hero does not "see" a monster, it should know there is one if he saw it before or if another party member see/saw it

Party LoS will help. "Last seen" might come in time. Needs testing once we have other changes in.

Once we have overworld tiles and can build world-maps, the ability to associate a world-map made with them to the in-world board and a transition (keypress, or perhaps just "zooming out into the clouds") from the game board to the world-map board, centered based on current in-game board location. This is the automatic "top-down" or "orthographic" feature, but where the view is hand-crafted instead of having to solve the hard problem described in the #faq when this feature is requested. The burden is moved to the builder to make a world-map that roughly matches the in-game board

We'll be addressing this with bookmarks.

Remove the "Toggle Cutbox" widget from the slider as it can occluder other UI

We'd rather fix root problems than bodge, but we'll look at this.

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

Dark vision effect [e.g. shader that only shows things within a range of a creature?]

Very cool, but probably not yet. Let's get closer to the rule system first.

Juice for important rolls (nat1, nat20, etc)

It would be fun, hard to decide when to do it. Don't want to overuse it.

Creating distance triggers such as when the players are within a certain radius of the block ambiance block

Not yet, but range based it something we can review another time

Auras for creatures (e.g. for celestial beings) [could be an emote, I guess. Actually, we already said we'd do some status effect stuff in the emote system

Might end up as an emote, but no news yet.

Torches and fire with adjustable range. Here is my tavern at night, with lighting props and all minis with torches lit. https://youtu.be/FIlUtK1sQOQ It's just so dark without torches everywhere

We can look into this

Hourglass [maybe just a big on board thing for fun]

Not yet

Emote multiple minis at once

Not yet

Use physics to knock props around [cool but sync is tricky]

Too much for now

Idle emote - this would be a looping animation where the creature turns back and forth every now and again. Just to give a little life to the area.


Idle behaviors/patrolling NPCs

Set NPCs off doing little things in the local area. Line-of-sight makes this a bit too expensive for now

A way to make opening a chest cause a trap to spring or a door to open that reveals an enemy

Not yet, but interesting. Let's see how needed this is once we have triggers.

Not expected but will review again in future when current plans are in

Being able to choose conditions for visibility. A setting for the assets to be invisible until a requirement is met would be great. When an asset (tile, wall, etc.) is set on the board, there can be an option of conditions for visibility: "Visible when: -player is within distance -player opens door -player check"

Not yet. It could take a number of forms. Will review later

"Birds Eye View" (scroll WAY up to get a better view of things)

Not for now at least

Perform multiple actions at once (opening 6 sarcophagi, reveal 6 monsters, change atmosphere, and push players to cutscene view for the event)

Not for now

Coin flip

Not sure how to make this fit yet.

Multi-controller support

Not before EA (we really want this)

Won't be added to TaleSpire

Free cam

Not making this the main cam control. However, photo mode with use something much free-er

Orthographic projection

Hard no

Camera that looks straight down

In general, no. We'll see what is available in photo mode



First-person mode


A coordinates system with x/y/z values


Turn-Based Mode

Agree we need something to handle these cases

Players be able to end their own turns

Yeah let's bring that back

Emotes in turn-based mode when not your turn


Allow players to set their own HP/Stats when it isn't their turn


Request the ability to remove characters/creatures from the initiative bar via right-click (or some other click) in the initiative bar area instead of needing to go back to the figurines.


Traces that record where creatures have been (like breadcrumbs)

We haven't yet managed to make a consistent user story for this feature in exploration mode, but in turn-based mode, it could work. We are going to start with an indicator showing where a creature was at the start of the turn.

Specifically when moving creatures, show the position they were picked up from

We will start with the 'position at the start of turn' indicator and go from there

A button to clear the initiative tracker

Possibly. Turn-based mode needs some love in general, so we'll see if/where this fits :)

Would it be possible to add a toggle allowing you to grant a player permission to move, even when it's not their turn? One of the things my players like doing is a sort of show-and-tell method for tactics.

We really like this. The way we want to try is to let you move when it's not your turn but then snap back to the original position/rotation when you let go. This way you can use your creatures to gesture.

Will change but not in the way suggested

LoS during combat should be based on the current person's turn. Also, everyone's camera should jump to the active person so they can see what's going on.

Party line of sights solves the first part. The second part doesn't feel right to us, so not for now, at least.

Let players pick up their own dice when it isn't their turn

  • Clear, yes
  • Pick-up, no
  • GM-requested rolls will still work if not your turn

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

Queued actions (for turn-based mode)

It's interesting. Lots of work, so not for now.

An option to record and save initiatives so one can prepare them beforehand.


Not expected but will review again in future when current plans are in

Time tracking

Time is very rule-system specific, and a system can easily get in the way or require a bunch of hand-holding. We'll have the round tracker, but more would need more insight into the system being played. Maaaaybe after the rule system


Agree we need something to handle these cases

[Various requests regarding capabilities/ux of inventory]

100% agree it needs lots of work. We don't think we are going to get our vision in before Early Access annoyingly. We will need to have some planning meetings internally to work out what we can/will do for then.

Point-and-click adventure style verbs as GM-requests

There will be some action system for making GM-requests and communicating with others, which requires little typing, flows quickly, and keeps the focus on the board. We are looking at a simple 'verb' system but don't have anything to show on it today.

AOE needs cone and sphere


Different distance calculations for rulers (normal distance, Manhatten distance, horizontal only)

Can look into this

Turn off depth-of-field, grain, chromatic aberration [all requested seperately]


Double-click a campaign name in the menu to go instantly in there, instead of having to go click -> Move the mouse to Play -> Hit Play


(Double?) click portraits to jump to the creature currently selected.


A way to increase the scale of the UI elements. I'm rocking a 2560x1440 monitor, and the text is really tiny.


Too easy to drag stuff out of the inventory and lose it

Makes sense, will look into an alternative

A way to disable the line-of-sight checking


It's currently hard to know if cut-volume is turned on or off


Move delete campaign button much farther away from play button

Ok, yeah, it needs a better home.

Rename campaign / edit campaign description

Absolutely. (we currently need to make decent text field widgets)

Make the entire name of a category clickable to open a dropdown menu. Such as clicking Animal in this example to expand or collapse the category. This will make it more accessible since it would not require as much precision.

Will do



A visual indicator where the "mouse" is when holding down ALT and rotating a picked up token.


Slabs in inventory


A way for people with poor eyesight to see the inventory

Agreed (will start with UI scaling and tooltips)

[Various request regarding issues with the board list causing spoilers for the player]

Now that we are adding summoning, we are going to remove the board list for players. GMs will have more control over where the players are. Internally we have more planning to do here but should take shape fine.

Rework the "volume sliders" for the music, ambiance, and effects. Their "range" is strange.

Sounds like a bug

Turn counter

Yeah let's do this

The minus sign is an odd choice for renaming a board. Might I suggest a pencil, quill, or wrench icon instead?

You may :D it's been changed

Named stats

Yup. We'll start with campaign wide and narrow from there

Let the tab key move from one field to the next when editing stats and hp.

Makes sense

Teleport request

Use 'move' verb above and teleport if approved

Juice to show change of stats and hp

Coming with emotes

Will change but not in the way suggested

Turn on/off grid visualization for the whole session (helpful for measurement without rulers)

For now, we would rather have the 'where you can stand' info, rather than the raw grid can have a non-pathfinding version

Use scroll for finer adjustments to atmosphere dials/sliders

We can look into this for quick-wins

Hide the hud

We will add this for photo-mode. We can review this again later if it remains an issue

Disable GM-overlay effect whilst tweaking atmosphere settings

Need to check this out, older fixes might have dealt with it

Manual save button

It's there, will probably go away

An asset previewer popup would be pretty nice. Small popup box that gives you a better look at the details of the asset when you mouseover it in the asset tab.

We have been thinking about this too. It's a WIP. We might have something for Early Access

Autohide build panel when leaving build mode

We are reworking build-mode. We will see what makes sense once it is done.

Assign color for each player

Yup. Need a player panel for configuring this

Arrow pointing to offscreen point-of-interest (creature, bookmark, etc.)

Might be helpful for ping

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

Split screen. Allows GM to have their view and player view

@Ree has already made one experiment, which was this cool hybrid thing where the GM has only the GM UI, and the player view is on the tv. The GM could then steal back the view to do GM-only stuff. The advantage is that you aren't trying to render everything twice (which is too heavy) This isn't urgent, though, so it will wait for a bit. Need to do some testing with the community here.


Not now

Gamma/brightness setting (like the "adjust until you barely see the logo" thing)

Not priority but we should probably do this

Note-taking system

Maybe. We'll make GM notes first, but then think about notes on creatures

Party inventory that GM can put tiles into (amongst other stuff)

Worth looking into

Quicker access to some GM actions (like clearing all dice)

Maybe, we'll see how other features play into this

Image sharing

Not until webrtc. Needs careful UI work to not feel crappy. Definitely, don't want multiple overlapping windows. A vignette mode wouldn't be too bad.


Not yet (we need terrain in before this is an option)

Keyboard shortcuts for the saved tiles on your hot-bar


Character sheets

No, for now. Will review with the rule system but don't expect some one-to-one copy of sheets, and that doesn't really fit in TS. Lots of good UI ideas in games, though.

Ruler snapping

Need to look into this once we have rulers. Lots of potential UX issues here as creatures are free-place

Lists for objects. A player can click on a chest, and they can see what's in it. This could work for shelves, sacks, pretty much anything. I assume a way to do this would be for a GM to right-click on the prop, and a popup (similar to open/close door) would show and say create a list. The GM could then just type stuff in it. Players would be able to click on it and see the list.

Makes sense. Once we eventually get inventories made into how we want them, we will see if we can use them as a means to satisfy this. There is a lot we can do presentation-wise whilst still not introducing more concepts

Not expected but will review again in future when current plans are in

JRPG style creature text bar with a picture on lower third

Cute, but let's see how well we can do with the text-bubbles first.


Not now, complex with how time works in RP

Indicator of last save time

We aren't sure what this means when zones sync separately.

Double click portraits to jump to the player's current view

Nope, we can revisit this. gut says it doesn't feel right

Lasso-style select. Requires only selecting visible things, which is… interesting

Too much work for now

AoE marker duration [for expiring effects]

Not for now, time is tricky

Already handled

Borderless windowed mode

This is all we have.

Won't be added to TaleSpire

A way to scribble on maps, like that blender mode..grease pencil or something

Doesn't feel right to us. We'd much prefer something that plays well with touchpad and controllers. The desire to be able to communicate this kind of information is something we definitely get, however.

In-game web-browser

No. The in-game browser isn't going to feel better than a real web browser, so we don't want to embed a worse experience.

Pdf/latex/[other doc format] viewer


Purchase more beta keys button somewhere in the games GM mode UI


A unity style hierarchy and ability to create empty game objects for organization



Agree we need something to handle these cases



Make sure mechanics/systems are optional

Sure, we'll do our best

talespire:// custom url support (for things like sharable links into boards)

Would be great

NDI support

WIP. It's still a lower priority though

Tutorial system

We need it



Script access to lights in tiles


Rename bleech to bleach (visual effect)

Oops, will do

A way to see what version of Talespire is being used would be handy for bug reports, etc.


Better touchpad support (rotate is too hard)

This should mostly be solved by custom keybindings. However, this still needs attention.

Support Steam launch options.

Sounds interesting, let's look into this.

Camera speed setting

Agreed. Would love to hear from folks who were having these issues to see how it works now that the recent controller fixes are in (lots of fps related fixes went into that)

Ultra/widescreen mode

It might be working now. We'll get back to folks with this issue.

Button to open logs folder

Would be handy, yeah

Focus on polish [a request that we hold off on features and make what we have solid]

Nice :)

Will change but not in the way suggested

Ability to change colors of flames from light sources?

It would be neat. Though it will probably be presets rather than a picker

Not yet but is interesting (some need research)

Websocket API

Would be great, but probably too much work to do well (and make useful) before the Early Access

MacOS support

We need to do testing to see how feasible this would be

Dungeons and Dogos

It would be ace. let them know :)

Support farfuture.net's Traveller



Not for now

Scrubbable fluid sim

Not yet :D


Not yet

Steam remote play

Not for now

Steam family sharing compatibility.

Not now

Phone app for dice and creature stats

Would be cool, but not high enough priority yet

Discord/Twitch integration

It would be cool, but not high enough priority right now. Would love to hear user stories for this. Maybe we expose events via the API websocket, and then others can take up the integration task.

Syrinscape integration

Interesting. We'll give it a look at least.

Link external media (youtube videos, online images) without browser

Not yet

Port beyond20 from roll20 to TaleSpire

We'd love DndBeyond integration (please ask them to work with us). We'd rather not try to add it in a sneaky way as we really wouldn't want to disrespect that team.

Not expected but will review again in future when current plans are in

The ability to open and close multiple doors/hatches at one time

Not yet Hmm, keeping a verb in hand and clicking multiple things could work.

Won't be added to TaleSpire

Import various [3D FILE FORMAT HERE] files

TaleWeaver will support the formats Unity supports out of the box. We aren't looking at expanding that list

Rgb peripheral (e.g. keyboard) support

No. We will probably provide websocket support down the line, and then maybe you could implement this.

Export map as image [maybe stylized]

No plans for this

Tinting tiles

No (at least for now)

Game finder / LFG