Midweek Update - Big small changes

This time we add three more hotly requested features.

  • Copy/Paste
  • Creature Stats
  • Sharing 'Slabs' of Tiles

Selecting tiles and press Ctrl-C will copy the selection into your hand ready to place and at the same time put a 'recipe' into your clipboard. Share those recipes with your friends to let them use your creations. All they need to do is copy the text, switch to TaleSpire and press Ctrl-V to summon it into their hand, ready to build.

Creatures now have HP and 4 stat values you can use for whatever you like. They are syncronised of course and, if they are on a unique creature, the unique creature will have those stats available for the whole campaign regardless of which board you summon them too.

Onward you story weavers!