Polymorph is now in Beta

The Polymorph feature has now reached Beta. Let’s talk about what this is and whether you will want to check it out now or wait for the full release.

The whats and the whys

Polymorph allows you to give a creature multiple models (morphs) that you can switch between at will.

While the feature will not be getting major functionality changes before release, it still needs small improvements, and we want to track down as many bugs as possible.

This Beta allows people who don’t mind braving an unfinished feature to try it out without any risk to their existing creations.

We do this by allowing you to opt into a separate branch of TaleSpire. This branch has its own servers, so none of your existing campaigns or boards are available, and nothing you do on the branch will break your boards outside the branch.

Is it for you?

We wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t enjoy messing around with unfinished and broken things. But if you do, then check out the guide linked below.

Polymorph Beta Guide

When will it release to everyone?

We aren’t setting a fixed date as it depends on what bugs we find and which we feel need fixing before release. It will be at least one week, though[0].

And that’s all!

Thanks for checking this out folks.

p.s. The slab in the title gif is the Drowned King's Hall by Gal'Manis

[0] We are giving at least one week as we want to give makers of unofficial mods a chance to update their work.