Scheduled 24-hour server Maintenance (8 pm GMT Tuesday 30th to 8 pm GMT Wednesday 31st of March)

With the release of Chimera onto the Beta Live branch at 8 pm GMT on Wednesday 31st of March, we need to take the servers down 24 hours prior, starting at 8 pm GMT Tuesday.

Because of the significant changes to the server structure, we need some time to make sure everyone can move over to the new version, hence the 24 hours.

Once Chimera is available, the next couple of weeks will be heavy on the bug fixes, and final usability touches before the release of the Early Access on the 14th of April.

We're incredibly excited to get everyone into Chimera to get more hands-on feedback on the upgrades.

I know we say this a lot, but thanks again for all the fantastic support. This community is amazing!

Best regards,

The Bouncyrock Team

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