TaleSpire Dev Log 131

A day of wrangling packages has completed. It turns out Unity's package system is really easy to get started with so moving Spaghet out of TaleSpire wasn't too bad. In doing so it made sense to move a bunch of utilities and extensions that make the whole affair easier and so now I have a small collection of packages at my disposal.

With that done I got Spaghet into TaleWeaver and am now reading to get back to coding. Today's job is to make the 'resource list'. The resource list is where the scripting system stores resources a script uses. Blocks of text, references to Unity components, etc all go here. The script then creates actions that refer to these resources, "Set animators at resourceSlot0 to Open", "Set my radial menu to the menu config in resourceSlot1", and so on.

One thing we need to be careful about however is that if someone ships an asset mod, and then changes it, it may break the state of the objects using the old version. Here I just need to make some decisions on how to handle that.