TaleSpire Dev Log 253

Evening all.

It's been a reasonably productive day for me today:

  • I fixed two bugs in the light layout code
  • Fixed pasting of slabs from the beta [0]
  • Fixed a bug in the shader setup code
  • Enabled use of the low poly meshes in line-of-sight (LoS) and fog-of-war (FoW)
  • Started writing the server-side portion of the text chat

I have not made any UI for chat in TaleSpire yet. My focus has been on being able to send messages to different groups of players. Currently supported are:

  • all players in the campaign
  • all players in the board
  • specific player/s
  • all gms

Next in chat, I need to look at attachments. These will let you send some information along with the text. Currently, planned attachment kinds are:

  • a specific position in the board
  • a particular creature in the board
  • a dice roll

We will be expanding these, but they feel like a nice place to start and should help with the flow of play in play sessions.

We'll show you more of the UI as it happens.

One cute thing I added for debugging is the ability to render using the low-poly occluder meshes instead of the high-poly ones. Here is an example of that in action. You can see that, in this example, the decimator has removed too much detail from the tiles. This is handy for debugging issues in FoW and LoS.

Alright, that's all for today,


[0] The new format is a little different, and I'll publish it a bit closer to shipping this branch

Just discovered TaleSpire and it looks awesome ! It's sad I didn't heard of it before while the Kickstarter was still running to get my hands on the beta, but I'll be following the progress by reading the Dev-Blog ! Thanks for posting them and can't wait to see how the future UI mentionned will tuns out !
If we reduce communication to a set of features (text, voice, video, file share, persistent vs. ephemeral, targeted vs. broadcasted, streaming, public vs. private...), has your crew already decided on your feature scope? "We'll implement this much. Beyond that, get Discord or whatever." If so, the more publicly that's listed, the fewer out-of-scope feature requests you'll probably get.

Hoping for persistent initiative tracker with initiative values. It'd be handy for lair actions on initiative 20 and adding mobs to combat in subsequent sessions without having to write everything down.