TaleSpire Dev Log 268

Just a heads up folks. Copy/paste of creatures is gonna have to wait to a bit after early-access release. These last two weeks have seen more bugs than maybe we should have expected, and we can't spare the time on that feature right now.

I'll get back to it as soon as things calm down a bit.

Sorry to those who have been waiting on this.

In better news, party line-of-sight is working and will be shipping in the next patch along with some other fixes.

The persistence of fog-of-war is also shaping up well. I've got a few more sync details to look at, and then it's hooking it up to the party vision :)

Holy cow, the release is getting very close :|

Have a great day folks!

Thank you for working hard on the release. I will buy a copy even though I'm waiting for video card prices to go down. I think this game will be a massive success!