TaleSpire Dev Log 293

Heya folks,

This log is just two random bits and bobs.

  • We have tweaked an answer to an faq entry that came across as a bit preachy in hindsight.
  • We have published the format for the slabs and an example C# program that shows how to read them.

FAQ Tweak

Some feedback to an answer in our FAQ caused us to re-read our text with fresh eyes and appreciate that it was more preachy than helpful.

We have replaced the answer to make the text more to the point and include info about the potential 'seats' approach. This lets us talk more specifically about adjacent details, both technical and relating to Steam's rules.

This change is minor and does not affect the roadmap. However, we didn't want anyone to feel we were trying to slide anything by them, hence this update.

Here is the question:

Q: Why is there no player only version?

Here is the original answer:

A: In our humble opinion far too many things treat people just as consumers. We'd rather the game was really cheap than remove the chance for someone to discover that they like creating.

You never know, one week a session will be canceled last minute and one of your players might start noodling around in build mode and discover there is a story inside them they want to tell. This is worth so much more to us than splitting the product could ever bring.

And this is the new answer:

A: We are interested in looking into a version that gives GMs a number of 'seats' they can issue to players. Steam does not currently offer this option, so we'd need to handle this separately.

We expect to look into this after early access for two main reasons:

  • After early access, we are no longer under the rules imposed by being in early access on Steam. This gives us more flexibility with pricing.
  • Fulfilling the promises to our backers, fixing bugs, and making it to v1 are our top priorities. Hitting the stability of the first major release currently feels like a good time to explore these kinds of options.

Whichever route we take, we will not be making a version without building tools. This closes off too many interesting options for play and limits the possibility of players dabbling with being creators themselves.

Slab format

After far too long, I've finally written up the current slab format. You can find it here: https://github.com/Bouncyrock/DumbSlabStats/blob/master/format.md

The repository is an example WinForms app, which reads slabs and shows how many of each kind of asset is used.

I'm hoping this will help some folks over the initial hump of hacking around with the slab format.

Have fun!