TaleSpire Dev Log 308

Hi folks,

Since last we spoke, I've been ironing out bugs in hide-volume filters. It needs at least one more round of testing before we know if it's shippable; however, it feels good.

I'm now starting my Christmas break. I'll be on call in case anything goes weird over the next couple of weeks. Here's hoping it stays quiet, though.

I'm already immensely excited about what is coming up after the holidays. I'm sure we'll do a little end-of-year dev-log, so I'll spare you my giddy ramblings for now.

However, I will say a big thanks to all of you for jumping on board and helping us bring this little game to life. Whether it was during the Alpha, Beta, or Early Access, it means a lot. Development is never without its rough patches, and navigating them with such a friendly community is a blessing.

Of course, even this would be 100 times harder without the tireless work of the mods. A lot of work they do is entirely behind the scenes, and so massive thanks go out to all of them.

Right! I need some sleep. I've got a long drive tomorrow.

Goodnight all.

gn bro