TaleSpire now available via Nexus.gg

One of the joys of having your game out there is seeing the various ways people interact with this thing you are making. From accessibility to hacks to community events, you get exposed to myriad takes on how people adapt and improvise with your little project.

Streaming has only amplified this, and watching streams has been both inspiring and grounding as we see how many bugs and things to fix there are!

A little while back, a few streamers started contacting us about supporting nexus.gg. Nexus is a service that allows anyone to make their own small, personalized game store and get a cut of each sale.

This seemed really neat as it gives a new way for communities to support content creators by buying games. And it also works well for indie devs as the creator's cut is taken from what would have been Steam's portion of the sale. So it doesn't impact our ability to fund TaleSpire going forward.

Steam itself makes the integration easy, so to that end, we poked the required buttons, and now you can include TaleSpire in your Nexus stores!

We hope this is useful to some of you out there!