The End, The Beginning

The Kickstarter campaign is complete and to say that we are surprised with the result would be an exercise of understatement at near Olympic levels.

You've already had a month of us talking at you so I'll keep it brief. This is amazing :D

We are just so happy that the game resonates with so many people, and that you have given us this shot at making this game happen. The fact that you did it in such style by blasting past every stretch goal we had to offer was crazy!

Now the real fun begins, we will naturally be staying in touch. We usually post our development logs here at but for you backers it's probably best to link them there too. I'd love to know if you want a Kickstarter post for every dev log or may just one KS post a week that links them all. The video from last night's stream will be on YouTube soon and there will be more content where that comes from.

Anyway, there's plenty of time to work out details, for now from all of us at Bouncyrock THANK YOU!