The first days

Heya everyone,

Dev logs will return late next week. From the comments in the last update, it sounds like the best approach is to link those dev logs here once a week. We can start that and see how it feels over time.

For now, we are doing post-Kickstarter stuff :)

First off @Ree has been off down to see an accountant. We've been given this chance to be an independent company and we want to make sure we do everything by the book and getting the most out of your pledges.

Speaking of pledges, one thing I've been looking at is the number which have failed to go through. This is a normal and expected part of Kickstarters so don't worry. It's actually one of the reasons that it's amazing when you have some buffer beyond your target or stretch goal.

Most of these issues are probably overzealous bank protection mechanisms, which is totally understandable. At the time of writing there are just over 600 pledges that haven't gone through which amounts to ~$34000usd. This is down from nearly 800 yesterday so it is getting resolved. It is normal to lose about 5% of the total to pledges that don't go through.

Remember if you are looking to Kickstart your own project, you must factor this into your estimates!

Kickstarter will email you if this has happened to you so don't worry if you didn't know about this. If you are confused do drop by the community discord and reach out to me (@Baggers). If you have been affected by this you can check out this link to see the first things to try. We will also send out a little email to those affected.

This weekend we are having a rest so you won't see us around Discord all day (but we'll pop in from time to time).

Next Monday and Tuesday are set aside for planning. @Ree and I are meeting up, breaking out the roadmap and trying to nail down as many details as possible.

Right! those the first steps on our little journey. I hope we can occasionally do these little dips behind the scenes.

As we are talking about what we are up to I thought it would be good to link a clip from a stream we did for our Alpha players from before the Kickstarter. The link should take you to 52:13 (if not scrub to there) and it's where we talked about openness It's important to us that we are open with you about the fact that we won't be open about everything, and that clip speaks to that. I hope we can share a lot and that it is interesting to you, and that we can do it in a way that works well for us all.

And that is today's update. See you all in the next one!