The Next Wave Of Alpha Invites Has Begun

Greetings tale weavers!

We are ready once again to send out more invites. This time we will be sending out 1900 invites split over two days.

Last time we sent out invites we got bitten pretty hard by spam filters. We have revised and tested our email so hopefully this will go better, however you can always check if you are meant to have an invite at

If you receive our invite email you can help us out by white-listing us, this makes a real difference in our emails reaching others and will ensure you don't lose anything from us either. This site purports to explain how to do this for many email clients but if it doesn't work for you, leave a comment and we'll replace it with something else

After this push there will still be people who have signed up but aren't in the alpha. Our apologies to you if you are one of them, we are gonna really try to make the gap between invites much shorter this time.

We are also opening up the alpha related channels on discord. It would be really helpful if folks could keep those dedicated to the alpha still and help out newcomers who post in the wrong place. This is a short-term deal as soon you will all be in the alpha anyway!

Thanks once again to all the awesome folks who have been reporting bugs and helping us along the way.