The Shambling Bog Expansion Set

Many new dangers lie hidden within the Shambling Bog.  Sprawling roots conceal moss-covered horrors.  Giant maws await beneath still waters.  Barbed spears sway among the whistling reeds and blood-sucking monsters nest high in the trees.

The new Shambling Bog Expansion set Includes:

  • Swamp floor tiles
  • Bog Trees
  • Various Reeds
  • Lilly pads 
  • Water Flowers

New miniatures:

  • Crocodile
  • Giant Snapper 
  • Croaker Warrior
  • Fenfolk Druid
  • Stirge
  • Ratfolk Warrior
  • Shambler


  • A new music track “Battle Formations”

We hope you have some great adventures with the new pack.  We look forward to seeing what you build with it!

Bog overview

We're working hard to get a playable version of the Chimera Build up for testing. The art team will be helping out with some cleaning upon existing assets, tagging, and setting up props. More on that soon.

Thanks again for all the support!

Best regards,
The Bouncyrock Team

BUILD-ID: 6242950 - Download Size: 109.6 MB