Weekend Update

Dragon dragon, dragon dragon. dragon.

By which we mean, here's an update:

  • A new creature asset is available. The dragon!
  • Fixed the tavern's fireplace no longer protudes into the next floor
  • Fixed the stone wall corner piece so you can place assets within it.
  • Sewer portals are now walkable although you can't stand in the gap itself.
  • Added 1x1 tavern floor tiles
  • Campaigns can now be deleted from the main menu. Simply click the 'x' button in the top right of the campaign info pane.
  • The Gm's audio mixer now has a slider for sound effects. No more alarmingly loud attack sounds
  • Default ambience volume and music volume is slightly above zero so boards don't feel quite so empty on arrival

Seeya with more real soon

Thank you so much for this update!  The addition of the dragon asset is very cool but I am incredibly happy that you have added a 1x1 tavern block and that the tavern's fireplace no longer protrudes into the next floor.  I was recently trying to recreate trollskull manor in talespire and the lack of a 1x1 tavern block and the fireplace glitch meant that I had to make the bottom floor with the moorgoth tiles instead.  So again, thank you and I will be looking forward to using the full version of talespire.