Hero Forge® is officially available in TaleSpire. + SALE!

You might be scratching your head and thinking, "But I've been using Hero Forge® miniatures in TaleSpire for a while now, right?." It's true that we've been running a beta for the feature for some time,  but we can now say it is Officially Available. And to celebrate, we'd like to run a week-long sale of TaleSpire!

Hero Forge® (https://www.heroforge.com/)

For people who might not know, Hero Forge® is an online character creator that allows users to order their designs as custom 3D-printed and Digital miniatures. After overwhelming requests from players, we've added support for connecting to Hero Forge®, allowing players to use their Hero Forge® Digital minis in TaleSpire.

When you connect using the Hero Forge® Access Key, you will also receive the VTT pack of miniatures. This package of 5 pre-designed digital Heroes represents your usual suspects making up an adventuring party.

You can find a guide for how to connect your Hero Forge® account here: https://heroforge.talespire.com/

Hero Forge® Is also running a Sale on Digital Minis, which will run until the 25th of October. Please go check them out!

As this is going out to more ears than our regular updates, we'd also like to highlight the Cyberpunk / Scifi update released in August. 

It was a monumental update with over 650 assets across tiles, props, and creatures; this is the first foray beyond the fantasy sets and is simply brimming with the technological tools any burgeoning cyber-adventurer needs. If you’ve long dreamed of taking a campaign to the dystopian streets, now it is easier than ever!

Of course, we're still doing Fantasy Updates, and we've had a few updates since Cyberpunk & Scifi went out including a Halloween themed one. Some things we're currently working on are Water Tiles, Ship Tiles, and another Monster Mash.

So watch out for those.

Lastly, thanks for all the continued support. Keep an eye on the DevLog or Discord for more frequent updates, and don't forget to head over to Steam for the TaleSpire Sale!

Have fun!

Oh man!!!! It's finally here!!!!!