TaleSpire Dev Log 242


This week has been pretty business heavy for me. A lot to take care of with the end of the year closing in, good to get things out of the way. 

There has been some exciting progress, however. Baggers came down this week and we've been focusing on getting the new Rendering/Batching/Physics branch up and running. A branch we've dubbed Chimera, to replace the Dragon build sometime in the foreseeable future. There is a lot to be done to make sure it functions just like the current build, but it's amazing to see how quickly some of these things are coming together. Dice is now behaving really well and Chris was able to get the kinematic controller we're using for creatures to behave as it should via the new Physics System.

(Some rolling dice in the new physics system)

A lot of the updates to the building system as well as the prop system are relying on all of this to be merged in, so seeing this come together feels great!

On the asset side, we have more Heroes/NPCs coming up by Ðwarf and Rachellee as well as another TileSet in the works by heckbo. More on that later 

Till next time!